Gaviidae Common is an upscale, urban shopping center located in downtown Minneapolis. Gaviidae Common's Phase I, dubbed the Saks Fifth Avenue Wing after its anchor, was built in 1989 and Phase II, the Neiman Marcus Wing, opened in 1991. The 442,478 square-foot center encompasses two city blocks connected by skyway and, along with anchors Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, is complimented by a unique mix of 42 uncommon shops, restaurants, and a food court.

In addition to being a retail destination, Gaviidae Common's Phase II is adjacent to the 40-story Dain Rauscher Plaza which houses 592,953 square feet of office space for approximately 3,000 employees. Both phases feature valet parking garages with a total of 708 spaces. Along with valet parking, there is monthly contract parking that uses approximately 270 spaces.

Gaviidae Common is located at the heart of the Minneapolis skyway system which connects 62 blocks of the downtown area. Gaviidae has five skyway connections directly linking the center to Minneapolis City Center, The IDS Center (through Saks Fifth Avenue), US Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and the newly completed Fifty South Sixth. Gaviidae's skyway connections find tens of thousands of office workers travelling through the center each day.

Gaviidae Common, along with Dain Rauscher Plaza, Minneapolis City Center, and the Multifoods Tower, are owned by one of North America's premiere real estate companies, Brookfield Financial Properties, a subsidiary of Brookfield Properties Corporation. For more information, including office or retail leasing options, please visit